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By Christian
May 17, 2000 - 9:59 PM

  • 'New Earth' PosterJohn Ordover, editor at Pocket Books, is offering a free 'Star Trek: New Earth' postcard to anyone who emails him their address at He asks that you please make certain to include your streetmail name.

    'New Earth' is the title of this summer's big multi-novel series, set between 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' and 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan'. The series takes the U.S.S. Enterprise beyond the borders of the Federation to help establish, explore, and defend a new colony of settlers on a planet named Belle Terre ('Beautiful Earth', in French). The final book in the series, 'Challenger', is also the first book in a new New Frontier-style series of books by Diane Carey, featuring a new ship and crew.

    More information on the six novels in the series, including cover images, author info and back cover text, can be found in this special Psi Phi feature on the series.

  • David Henderson at Psi Phi has added excerpts for the following six Star Trek novels:

    -The Captain's Table #1: War Dragons by L.A. Graf
    -The Captain's Table #4: Fire Ship by Diane Carey
    -The Next Generation #45: Intellivore by Diane Duane
    -Double Helix #6: The First Virtue by Michael Jan Friedman and Christie Golden
    -Gemworld: Book One of Two by John Vornholt
    -Gemworld: Book Two of Two by John Vornholt

  • And to help you find all the books of which Psi Phi published excerpts, the site has been updated with a convenient index of all books for which excerpts are available.

  • Finally, regarding the 'New Frontier' comic that was announced yesterday, John Ordover posted a message to the Star Trek Books Board, stating the following:

    I've never been ecstatic about the depictions of the various characters that we've used on our book covers, so I've given the Wildstorm guys a pretty free hand to depict them. If [Michael] Collins does a good job, we'll riff on his stuff for our future covers.

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