McFadden Thought Crusher Would Be Funny

By Michelle
April 17, 2006 - 6:24 PM

Gates McFadden confessed that it was her agent's being a Star Trek fan that led to her auditioning and getting cast on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"I walked in and was told they had three parts...I asked, ‘Which one is the funniest?'" recalled McFadden in an interview with Britain's Star Trek Magazine (via TrekWeb). She was given a scene from "The Naked Now" in which Beverly Crusher was drunk and believed that Crusher would be the funniest of the three female characters.

"I swear to god. Seriously!" added McFadden, who was better known as a choreographer - she was known as Cheryl McFadden when she worked on the dance routines for Labyrinth, for instance.

Of course, she noted, the scene from "The Naked Now" was "about the only funny scene in seven seasons" that Crusher got to do. But she was also intrigued by Picard, who remains her favourite character. "In real life we're all just friends, but after Picard..." McFadden suggested that Crusher could have found no more suitable love interest, despite the fact that "I know how to turn Data on, remember!"

The full interview is in the latest Star Trek Magazine. These excerpts are from TrekWeb.

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