'Voyager' Relaunch Continues With 'Spirit Walk'

By Caillan
April 17, 2004 - 11:21 AM

Spirit Walk, Book One - courtesy Psi Phi, copyright Paramount PicturesThe next two instalments in the Star Trek: Voyager novel relaunch are scheduled to be published at the end of 2004.

The novels will be released as a two-book mini-series called Spirit Walk, according to the Psi Phi Star Trek Book Database. The subtitle of the first novel is Old Wounds, while the second instalment will be called The Enemy of My Enemy.

Christie Golden will write both books, which are scheduled to be released in November and December, 2004, respectively. Golden also penned the first two Voyager relaunch novels, Homecoming and The Farther Shore, which were published in mid-2003. The books dealt with the ramifications of the crew's return to the Alpha Quadrant, including a new Borg threat and the Doctor's crusade for holographic rights.

No plot details for the Spirit Walk books have been released, but the cover art provides some clues to the novels' contents. The first book, Old Wounds, features Chakotay and a woman with a similar tattoo, while the second novel, The Enemy of My Enemy, has Tom Paris and a Cardassian.

The original news, along with larger versions of the cover art, can be found at the Psi Phi Star Trek Book Database. The site has also posted cover art for the new Vulcan's Soul trilogy and the next A Time to... novel, A Time to Heal.

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