Bakula & Stockwell Get 'Detained'

By Caillan
April 17, 2002 - 8:17 AM

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An allegorical episode set in a prison facility doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs, but former Quantum Leap co-stars Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) and Dean Stockwell (Colonel Grat) couldn't have had more fun shooting the upcoming 'Detained.'

"He's awesome," Bakula told Zap2it's Kate O'Hare, referring to his Quantum Leap comrade. "We had so much fun. We just picked up where we left off. That was a blast. It was so great, having him here. He had a mouthful of stuff to say. He's cross-eyed, looking at me, like, 'What is this? How do you do this?'"

Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) was amazed by the chemistry between the two actors, Stockwell recalled. "He couldn't believe the way Scott and I carried on. He sat there with his mouth open. It's all very spontaneous. We're ribbing each other all the time."

'Detained' features Stockwell as Colonel Grat, the commandant of a Tandaran prison facility where Archer and Mayweather are held prisoner. "They've got these humanoids called the Suliban, and some of them are bad, some of them are good," the Academy Award-nominated actor said. "I'm detaining a whole bunch of the good ones, so they won't go out and get bad."

"They were being kept in this camp for their own 'protection,' because some of them had been killed," Bakula added. "When the genetically enhanced Suliban started their evil ways, they were all lumped together. You might draw some comparisons in today's world."

Bakula also dropped some tidbits about the episodes 'Fallen Hero' and 'Desert Crossing,' which will air in a double bill on May 8. The former features Emmy-winner Fionnula Flanagan, who previously appeared in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, as a Vulcan.

"She just kicks it," he said. "She's an ambassador, and she is like Indira Gandhi. She is incredible. She has this whole thing with T'Pol and me. It's a really good episode."

As one would expect from the title, 'Desert Crossing' sees the Enterprise crew out on the sand dunes. "We're in desert gear," Bakula said. "We went to a real desert. We had a ball, but it was crazy. There's a desert in Southern California, right near Mexico. It looks like the Sahara. It's unbelievable. It was great."

The full interview, in which Bakula and Stockwell talk more about filming 'Detained,' can be found here at Zap2it.

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