Fans Talk 'How To Fix Trek'

By Antony
March 17, 2003 - 3:57 PM

In a follow-up to their recent article about the state of the franchise, TV Guide Online has published a number of opinions from fans on what they'd like to see happen with Star Trek.

"As an amateur astronomer, I have enjoyed Star Trek from the first program that aired in 1966," said one respondent Steve Weaver at TV Guide Online. "Following the Star Trek saga has provided many hours of entertainment. I understand the trials that Star Trek is going through at this time. A solution must involve more science. The original series actually had NASA advisers on the writing team. Yes, it is time to do that again and make it more realistic."

For another respondent, Trek needs to go back to being about real-life issues. "Star Trek at its best has always been something that teaches people," wrote Rich Matheson. "Going through high school with The Next Generation playing every week taught me about real human issues, science, history, philosophy; the works. Recent Trek has shied away from covering issues of morality and historical importance, in favor of explosions and boobs. Sex does sell, but it cheapens the whole deal."

Another fan wants the formula shaken up a bit. "Use all characters either intelligently or at least in intriguing ways, especially Mayweather. Avoid stereotypes as much as possible," wrote Tony Goodwyn. "More imagination in story ideas. I've been able to predict episode endings with near-perfect accuracy lately, and that's no fun. Take some of those storylines that worked and shake them up a little. Put a twist where we don't expect it."

You can find all the submissions here at TV Guide Online.

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