'New Frontier' Title Announced

By Amy
March 17, 2001 - 1:17 PM

Psi Phi's Book Database has been updated with a wide selection of excerpts and back cover text from a number of current and upcoming Pocket Books releases.

First up, however, is the release of a tentative title for the twelfth novel in Peter David's 'New Frontier' series - 'Walk Like a Man'. Set in the current DS9/TNG universe, the series follows the adventures of an original crew and ship - the USS Excalibur under Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. The first book, 'House of Cards', was published in June 1997, and the series itself has gone on to be one of Pocket Book's best sellers.

Excerpts from a total of 6 books have been added to the database, primarily from the Next Generation, though there is one original series novel and two crossovers. Up now are TOS #21: 'Uhura's Song', by Janet Kagan, 'Dark Passions, Book One' and ' Book Two', by Susan Wright, TNG #60: 'Tooth and Claw', by Doranna Durgin and TNG #62: 'Maximum Warp #1: Dead Zone' TNG #63: 'Maximum Warp #2: Forever Dark', by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur.

Meanwhile, the back cover info for four of the seven-part 'Gateways's crossover series are online, including for the final, hardcover book 'What Lay Beyond', co-written by all the authors who produced the 6 instalments, Susan Wright, Diane Carey, Robert Greenberger, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Peter David, and Christie Golden. In addition to 'What Lay Beyond', back cover information is available for Gateways #3: 'Doors Into Chaos, by Robert Greenberger (part of the DS9 relaunch), Gateways #5: 'No Man's Land', by Christie Golden (Voyager) and Gateways #6: 'Cold Wars' by Peter David (New Frontier).

More information on these and other titles can be found at Psi Phi's Book Database.

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