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By Lisa
February 17, 2002 - 9:05 PM

Hello World!

As soon as I logged online today, I knew with dread that it was my turn to change the poll on the site.

There are two main reasons why I dread doing this. The first is that it involves calculating the average rating for the previous Enterprise episode. Numbers and me do not mix. I got through maths at school by sitting next to the person who was top of the class (thank you Julia), and vowed never to do anything numerically complicated again. Man has spent millenia evolving to the point where we have calculators: who am I to argue with evolution?

The second reason is that the person changing the poll has the job of thinking up a new one. This is a more difficult job than it seems. You see, we've asked a great many questions, and asking a question that hasn't been done to death and it suitable can be quite trying.

So today, I'm ignoring Star Trek completley in an attempt to find out a little more about the people who read TrekToday. I breifly entertained the notion of putting in a third category, but decided that might prove to be a little confusing.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Who were Trek's worst characters?

-Will there ever be a Star Trek Day?

-Should there be more children in Trek?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Trek Two Years Ago

Below are some of the headlines from TrekToday on Thursday February 17, 2000:

  • Jeri Ryan Chats With Fans
    The Seven of Nine actress answered fan questions in a live chat at her official homepage, including the question below:

    Question: Ms Ryan: How do you feel about the likelihood that Voyager will be brought back to the Alpha quadrant at the end of this season or early next? How will Seven adapt?
    TVG Jeri: Someone obviously has more info than I do. I don't know that we're getting back to the Alpha quadrant. I think it would be great. The producers are interested for a while now, but the studio is putting the brakes on getting us home. I love to see it happen sometime before the series finally. I'd want to see what happens to Seven and undoubtedly see how her relatives on Earth would react to her and what would she do with herself.

  • Grren Reviews 'Collective'
    Michelle Erica Greenreviewd the latest Voyager episode to air:

    One of the oft-heard criticisms about the women of The Next Generation is that, once Tasha Yar was killed off, all the major female characters were defined primarily as nurturers. Troi and Crusher had their moments of strength, but to a large degree they were limited by their sensitive, coddling, maternal roles. When Voyager came on the air, Kes was the only female in such a position; ironically, I feared that with her loss, all the women would become stereotypes of tough gals, with the rigid Captain, the angry Klingon, and the stronger-than-steel Borg overwhelming the Samantha Wildmans of the 24th century.

    The full review can be found online here.

More headlines can be found in our archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

How would you rate 'Shuttlepod One'?
9-10 38.9% - (598 Votes)
7-8 26.4% - (406 Votes)
Wasn't able to see it 11.5% - (178 Votes)
5-6 10.3% - (159 Votes)
1-2 6.6% - (102 Votes)
3-4 4.6% - (71 Votes)
Didn't want to see it 1.3% - (21 Votes)

Total Votes: 1535

,thanks for voting. Please take time to vote in our new poll,

Today's Television Listings

  • TNN will be showing TNG's 'Time Squared' at 2:00pm Eastern Time, 'Q Who?' at 3:00pm, 'A Matter of Time' at 4:00pm, 'Relics' at 5:00pm, 'All Good Things' at 6:00pm and 'The Best of Both Worlds' at 10:00pm.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing Enterprise's 'Shuttlepod One' at 8:01pm.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing DS9's 'Distant Voices' at 14:00 GMT, TNG's 'Loud as a Whisper' at 15:00, TNG's 'Unnatural Selection' at 16:00 and Enterprise's 'The Andorian Incident' at 17:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

  • In Australia, TV1 will be showing the Original Series's 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' at 01:30, TNG's 'Reunion' at 02:30, Voyager's 'Sacred Ground' at 03:30, DS9's 'Battle Lines' at 04:30. Thanks go out to Sci-Fi TV Schedules International!

Tomorrow's Television Listings

  • TNN will be showing the Next Generation episode 'The First Duty' at 11:00 p.m eastern time.

  • The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Series episodes 'A Private Little War' at 7:00 a.m eastern time, 'Elaan of Troyius' at 8:00 a.m, 'Balance of Terror' at 9:00 a.m, 'Errand of Mercy' at 10:00 a.m, 'The Doomsday Machine' at 11:00 a.m, 'The Omega Glory' at midday, 'Journey to Babel' at 1:00 p.m, 'The Trouble With Tribbles' a 2:00 p.m, 'The Enterprise Incident' at 3:00 p.m, 'Day of the Dove' at 4:00 p.m, and 'Space Seed' at 5:00 p.m.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing the Original Series episode 'Court Martial' at 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m eastern time, with TNG's 'Half a life' at 3:00 p.m, DS9's 'Blood Oath' at 4:00 p.m and Voyager's 'Sacred Ground' at 5:00 p.m.

  • In the United Kingdom, E4 will show the Original Series episode 'Day of the Dove' at 14:00 and 18:00 GMT. Sky One will show Voyager's 'Distant Origin' at 17:00, and Enterprise's 'Breaking the Ice' at 20:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

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