News Bullets

By Amy
February 17, 2001 - 2:22 PM

  • The Deep Space Nine Relaunch section of Phi Phi's Book Database has been updated with a seventh character profile, this time of Jake Sisko. Also, updates have been made to Shar's character page.

  • Still at Psi Phi's, UPN's Voyager schedule page has also been updated.

  • According to DVD (via The Great Link), Paramount plans to release region two Trek DVDs as boxed season sets, to be sold for around or under 100 pounds. There's no word yet as to just how many DVDs will comprise a season. Also, it seems that the studio may be pulling a few strings regarding extras and goodies for the sets - perhaps to make up for the lack of extras in previous Trek DVDs.

  • The official site has posted another alumni roundup, looking at the various projects and roles Trek actors are involved in.

  • Michael Piller Co-creator and Former Producer of a number of trek incarnations including Voyager, has had the pilot his latest project, a series based on the Stephen King's novel 'The Dead Zone', given the green light by UPN.

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