Gaming Bullets

By Amy
February 17, 2001 - 3:07 PM

  • Interplay has released a new patch for the UK version of ‘Star Fleet Command II – Empires at War’. At 17.6 MB, the patch makes the game compatible with US versions, including the multiplayer Dynaverse.

  • A new screenshot of the week for upcoming title ‘Bridge Commander’ is out at its official site, demonstrating the new, more realistic damage display method, that, among other things, enables you to shot holes straight through your targets, due to the ability of the models to deform rather than relying on damage textures.

  • More screenshots, this time from another upcoming release, ‘Away Team’. 5 new shots can be found at both Gamespot and GA Strategy.

  • Still with ‘Away Team’, the official site has uploaded 6 movies of the game, ranging in size and length from 1.3MB/39seconds to .5MB/14seconds.

  • The official ‘Away Team’ site has also posted a new character of the week profile, this time of Ty, a “unique Bolian warrior” whose lack of brilliance is made up for by his “tremendous brawn.”

Thanks go out to Blue's News and Sci-Fi Gaming for some of these!

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