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Keating Hopeful of Fifth Season

By Michelle
January 17, 2005 - 10:49 PM

Dominic Keating said that in an upcoming episode, he speaks Malcolm Reed's best line since the pilot, and praised the patience of co-star Connor Trinneer in an upcoming arc on Star Trek: Enterprise.

During the upcoming Romulan trilogy, revealed Keating, he and Trinneer were forced to spend several days wearing environmental suits while filming as Reed and Tucker are trapped aboard a drone ship. "Jeez, those things just crucify you. It hurts so bad you have to laugh or you'll cry," he protested in an interview with Starburst Magazine (via The Great Link). "All I say is thank God it was with Connor. He has the patience of Job, and I don't."

Keating noted that he always enjoys working with Trinneer, saying, "He and I always have a good time on-set together and I've really made a wonderful friend in him on this show." In the Romulan arc he said there will be "a lot of action and a nice partnership" in store for their characters.

The actor said he had less to do during the first half of the fourth season than he had previously, but he will be much more involved in upcoming episodes. "United", for instance, features a scene in which Reed makes a bomb out of his phase pistol. "There's a huge explosion and as they're running down this corridor Trip turns to Malcolm and says, 'You did all that with one phase pistol?' Malcolm says to Trip, 'You build things, commander. Well, I blow them up.'" Keating said he thought it was his best line since "Broken Bow", when Reed explained to Archer that he had better not confuse the stun and kill settings on his weapon.

Keating was hopeful that there would be a fifth season, saying reactions to the fourth season have been encouraging. "I'd be very sad if this was our last year," he said.

The full interview is in issue #320 of Starburst, excerpted at The Great Link.

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