'Invasion Iowa' Hoax To End April Fool's Day

By Michelle
January 17, 2005 - 10:38 PM

William Shatner's Invasion Iowa will premiere March 29th on Spike TV, the network announced last Friday.

"What happens when dysfunctional Hollywood crashes into 'small town America?' With the help of some of his show biz cohorts, Emmy Award-winning actor, William Shatner brings improvisational comedy to a new level with Invasion Iowa, a complex comedy where the people of Riverside, Iowa are under the impression that Shatner and gang are filming an independent sci-fi movie," states the press release, reproduced at The Futon Critic.

This will be the first miniseries for Spike, a Viacom-owned network which also shows Star Trek reruns. The miniseries, which was planned for a year, centers on Riverside, Iowa - the fictional birthplace of Shatner's most famous character, Captain James T. Kirk. It will conclude on April Fool's Day, Friday, April 1, with the revelation that the "movie" being filmed is a hoax for a reality TV show.

"I fell in love with the people of Riverside," said Shatner, who said he had trouble containing his sympathy for the people being duped by the series. With a population of 978, Riverside annually hosts a "Trek Fest" for fans of Kirk, Shatner and the Star Trek franchise.

More details on Shatner's fictional entourage and other characters are available at The Futon Critic.

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