Collins On Being An 'Enterprise' Captain

By Christian
January 17, 2002 - 7:30 PM

Now well-known from his own series 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins first became famous after starring in 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.' Yesterday Collins revealed why he thought he was cast as Commander Will Decker.

"I had never watched an episode of Star Trek," Collins told Zap2It at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. "I wasn't a fan, which is why I think I got the part - I wasn't groveling the way all the other actors were. It was a real lesson in the psychology of how to get parts. I really didn't care and so I got the part, which is one of the cruelties of this business."

But after starring in 'The Motion Picture,' Collins grew to like his association with the Trek franchise, and even provided a commentary for the DVD release of the film. "DeForest Kelly, who played Bones, said, 'This will never be out of your life. It will never go away,' " Collins recalled. "He meant it as a good thing, which it primarily is. [...] I love being part of 'Star Trek.' I particularly love that I was a captain of the Enterprise."

Currently, the actor is starring on 7th Heaven as Reverend Eric Camden. While that show's high ratings mean the WB will likely want to keep the show around for several years to come, Collins revealed he would like to try his hand at something else once the show ends. "I'm intrigued with the idea of trying to create a show whenever 7th Heaven is over," he said. "I would like to write and produce a show, not be on it. I feel like I've learned a lot about how to do it. I would love to try that."

Further information on Collins's aspirations to be a writer, including details of his upcoming first story to be published, please follow this link to Zap2It. More of his Trek recollections can be found here.

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