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'Dear Doctor' Trailer Released

By Caillan
January 17, 2002 - 10:05 AM

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'Dear Doctor' photo - courtesy Outpost 6, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN last night released the promo for next week's Enterprise episode, entitled 'Dear Doctor'.

In the episode, Archer must decide whether to give medical aid to an alien race when Phlox declines to help because of his ethical beliefs.

A digitised version of the 30-second trailer has been made available online at Outpost6. For those with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Enterprise travelling towards a planet.]
[A shuttlepod flies down through an alien city.]
[An alien man sits up on a bio-bed, talking to Phlox.]
Alien Man: "My people are dying. Our doctors can't find a cure."
[Archer and Sato look on.]
[Shot of T'Pol standing in sickbay.]
[The alien man turns from Phlox to Archer.]
Alien man: "Will you allow him to help us?"


[Enterprise orbiting the planet.]
[The alien planet at night.]
[Phlox and Cutler treating the aliens on the surface.]
[The alien man looks down at his arm as Phlox attends to him.]
[Archer leans against the bulkhead in his quarters, looking out through the window.]
[Phlox talking in Archer's quarters.]
Phlox: "We'd be interfering with an evolutionary process that has been going on for thousands of years."
[Phlox looks through a microscope in sickbay.]
[T'Pol and an alien doctor join Phlox to look at a schematic.]
[T'Pol standing in sickbay.]
Archer (off-screen): "They've asked for our help."
[Sato sitting in the alien medical facility.]
[Archer standing in his quarters.]
Archer: "We have a moral obligation to help people who are suffering."
[Phlox looks down, not agreeing with Archer.]
[Archer visits the alien man lying in bed, and puts his hand on his shoulder.]
[The alien man sits up in sickbay with the help of Phlox and Archer. T'Pol and Sato look on.]
[Phlox talking to Archer.]
Phlox: "I believe your compassion for these people is affecting your judgement."
[Close-up of Archer in his quarters.]
Archer: "My compassion guides my judgement."

The 3.7 MB Quicktime promo can be downloaded here at Outpost6. 'Dear Doctor' airs 8:00pm January 23 on UPN.

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