Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
December 16, 2001 - 2:20 PM

  • John Callaham at HomeLan Fed has reviewed the recently-released 'Star Trek: Armada II.' "While some fans of Armada I will likely debate over the nuances the original game as compared to the sequel, in my view Star Trek Armada II is worth checking out just for the multiplayer alone," he wrote. "Itís a shame that the game isnít as fully 3D as, say, Homeworld but perhaps if Armada II sells well enough a third game in the series will be greenlit and will bring as much improvements as Armada II did over the original." The game was awarded a score of 85% in the full review.

  • The 'Armada II' patch chat with Mad Doc Software's Dr. Ian Lane Davis and Matthew Nordhaus at Armada Universe has been delayed until 4pm Eastern Time tomorrow. Further details can be found here.

  • Doug Pearson, Activision's 'Armada II' producer, recently commented on the game's sales figures. "So far the U.S. numbers are pretty good," he told Armada Universe. "They are in-line with the first 4 weeks of ST: Armada I launch numbers in the U.S. In it's first week of sales it is #8 in Germany."

  • New screenshots from 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' have been posted at GameSpy Daily and GameSpot.

  • Recently added Star Trek CCG 'Holodeck Adventures' cards at Decipher include Secret Agent Julian Bashir and Chaotica and the Fortress of Doom. Additionally, the latest Radio Free Decipher segment features a behind-the-scenes look at the CCG expansion pack.

    Thanks to Blue's News for some of these!

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