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Berman: 'Shippers Take Selves Too Seriously

By Michelle
November 16, 2003 - 2:03 AM

Executive producer Rick Berman suggested that fans overly invested in T'Pol's love life may be taking themselves too seriously and defended, once again, Russell Watson's theme song while discussing Star Trek: Enterprise with fans.

In the "Star Trek Update" section of the Star Trek Communicator, excerpted at the Trek BBS, Berman said that he was very pleased with the quality of the episodes, which he called "just dynamite" and "like little movies", but lamented the small audience sizes.

Though Berman did not criticize the network outright, he suggested that UPN did not effectively promote its early start date for the season, which might have cost the show premiere viewers. He also said that it was UPN's idea to add "Star Trek" to the title to help promote the show, "but I have mixed feelings about how effective it'll be."

Asked about rumours that William Shatner would appear on the show, Berman said that he had a conversation about it but that discussions have gone no further than what might be an appropriate storyline for the Captain Kirk actor.

However, he did confirm that he expected the Expanse storyline to last all season: "The further we get into it, the more stories we seem to find that are worth telling."

On the question of romance for T'Pol, Berman said that most of the letters they had gotten "all pretty much had to do with 'Don't make it Trip - make it be Archer!'" He said that the writers were not trying in a "major way" to develop a romance but only working sexual tension into storylines, and that fans were taking it a little too seriously.

For more information, including Berman's comments on the episode "Carpenter Street", see the newest issue of the Star Trek Communicator. More excerpts are available at the Trek BBS. Thanks to Cyrus for transcribing these excerpts.

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