Critics Return Average Verdict On 'Civilisation'

By Lisa
November 16, 2001 - 10:39 PM

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Last night's 'Civilisation' failed to win many platitudes from online reviewers. Most agreed that the episode was an average outing, with little to excite viewers.

Here's a round up of comments made about the episode:

  • Aint it Cool News's Hercules was not impressed by the episode. "This turns out to be one pedestrian installment, with the fistfights and the shootouts and the break-ins. Where are the Archons when you need them? I'd even settle for a Ferengi."
    He gave 'Civilisation' a two-star 'horrible as most stuff on TV' rating in the full review, which can be found here.

  • "YAWN! It wasn't awful, but I thought it was the least interesting episode to date," wrote Monkee in her latest review. According to her, there was too much in this episode to be annoyed about. "Caves! Again with the cave set! I think it's appeared in all but one episode so far! It's gotten laughably absurd. I don't want to see primitive aliens or the cave set for the rest of the season. I mean it!"
    Monkee gave 'Civilisation' a 7.5/10 rating - her lowest so far awarded to an Enterprise episode. Her full analysis can be found here.

  • On the other hand Captain Mac at liked the episode titling his review 'Enterprise Bounces Back!" and giving it a Warp 4 rating. "As we've come to expect with Enterprise," he wrote, "high production standards, a notable Jay Chattaway score, excellent cinematography, and state of the art special effects yield an overall above average episode."
    His full review can be found by following this link.

  • Wierd Archives at ScoopMe had some food for thought for the episode's critics. "All right, granted this tale has been done before so many times, itís practically clichť, but the writers here wanted to explain how the Prime Directive came into being and since this is set 100 years before the Original Series, a little slack is called for," he wrote. "This episode was decent enough not to be completely bad, like that story of the Vulcan temple that was more than it seemed. Still, I did expect more forethought from the writers on how to make the drama more remarkable."
    More thoughts are available in the full review here.

  • "I could be wrong but I do believe TíPol was in on her first practical joke," wrote C.A. Voigts for the Starfleet Library. "The whole show was somewhat reminiscent of the original Trek. TíPol, in certain scenes, reminded me very much of Mr. Spock. The camaraderie between Trip, Archer, and TíPol is becoming more apparent. While TíPol doesnít exactly ďjoke with the boysĒ, she is getting in some great comments and wonderful deadpan humor. When done right, it's wonderful."
    In the full review, the episode is awarded a rating of four stars.

More information about this episode can be found in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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