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$80 Million Budget For Trek X?

By Lisa
November 16, 2001 - 4:19 PM

$80 million could be used to buy an awful lot of Star Trek videos - or, as a new report claimed today, it could give you one entirely new Trek movie.

According to TrekWeb, this figure is the total budget for 'Star Trek X: Nemesis,' due to start shooting later this month.

This figure would be $20 million higher than the $60 million 'Insurrection' was supposed to have cost. This budget still wouldn't come near the $115 million spent on 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' or the $125 million the new 'Harry Potter' movie cost, but then Star Trek movies generally gross far less than these kinds of blockbuster movies. This Summer's 'Tomb Raider' also had an $80 million budget.

The site also reported that veteran Trek composer Jerry Goldsmith will provide the film's soundtrack. Goldsmith composed the main title themes to both the Next Generation and Voyager, as well as scores for 'Insurrection' 'First Contact,' 'Star Trek V,' and 'The Motion Picture.' His appointment comes after some online speculation that the film's soundtrack would be provided by 'Gladiator' composer Hans Zimmer.

Goldsmith joins a growing list of high profile production staff already on board for the movie. This includes director Stuart Baird, writer John Logan and cinematographer Dante Spinotti.

Please note that none of this has been officially confirmed by Paramount, and should be treated as any other rumour until confirmed by official sources. The original article can be found here at TrekWeb.

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