Nielsen Ratings For 'Inside Man'

By Amy
November 16, 2000 - 4:30 PM

The final Nielsen ratings for last week's Voyager episode, 'Inside Man'' are out, and the news isn't good at all. The episode fell ratings-wise four-tenths from last week to 3.0, putting the ratings on par with season 6's worst performing episode (which was one of the worst of the series), the 'Haunting of Deck 12'. The news is worse when the episode's performance is compared to last seasons first sweeps episode, 'Dragons Teeth' which managed to pull in a 3.6 share. It also performed worse within the UPN network, out-rated by both the network's usual number-one show, 'WWF Smackdown' and their Tuesday Night Movie 'Bad Boys'. Looking at the timeslot ratings, there's nothing better to report, with Voyager limping in last, behind even Felicity.

The only ray of light in this week's ratings news is the impact the current election 2000 controversy and media circus is having on the ratings in general – 9 shows dedicated exclusively to coverage of the election were ranked within the top 50 with a share of 8.0 or over.

For the original report, please drop off here at the Star Trek Nielsen Rating Database, which is a part of the Trek Nation.

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