Latest Three Voyager Episodes Reviewed

By Christian
November 16, 2000 - 12:11 AM

Over at Star Trek: Hypertext, Jamahl Epsicokhan just updated his site again, adding reviews for the Voyager episodes 'Critical Care' and 'Inside Man'. Here's a quote from his review of 'Critical Care', the episode he was most impressed by:

In "Critical Care," Doc wakes up one morning (figuratively speaking, of course) and finds himself in the most chaotic wing of an alien hospital. He's thrust into an extreme situation which is written very consciously by the Voyager writers to be extreme. In the spirit of shows like last season's "Memorial" and "One Small Step," this outing goes down as another effective Voyager "message show" -- the story emerges from a premise that is telling a story specifically to make a point.

Is the story's message in your face? Well, not to a point that makes it remotely unpalatable. But like "Memorial" and "One Small Step," the point is not going to escape you, because it's right there, front-and-center. It's just as well. "Critical Care" is an allegory that works on its story terms and also as something that wants to be a Classic Trekkian Commentary. After last week's awful "Repression," which wasn't about anything at all, "Critical Care" is a relief in that it turns out to be about something. And it's about it well. It plays like a good, substantive episode of The Original Series.

In the actual review, the episode is awarded 3 stars. That's more than 'Inside Man', which is only awarded 2 stars, and which Jammer calls a "watchable but ultimately unfulfilling take on the "Voyager crew as saps" episode."

Meanwhile, over at Cinescape, Michael Marek has put up a review of tonight's new episode, 'Body and Soul':

In the final analysis, Body and Soul has many fun elements, but does not succeed as well as it could, because it tries to do too many things.

Click here for the full thing.

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