More 'Star Trek XI' Plot Details

By T'Bonz
October 16, 2008 - 5:09 PM

An attack on a starship in search of one of the Enterprise's heroes is part of a Romulan time-travel plot.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, more plot details from Star Trek XI are emerging, along with the pictures recently released. The Romulan baddie Nero, complete with facial tattoos, is part of an attack on the USS Kelvin. He is "desperately seeking one of the film's heroes."

Star Trek XI will then focus and Kirk and Spock, showing the origins of their friendship and telling the story of how they became Enterprise officers. Star Trek XI explores how the entire original series crew came together. The action takes place on at least several planets; Earth, Vulcan and an ice planet.

Fans may not be comfortable with some of Star Trek XI. According to the article, "The movie subversively plays with Trek lore, and those who know it. The opening sequence, for example, is an emotionally wrenching passage that culminates with a mythic climax sure to leave zealots howling 'Heresy!'" "The movie is about the act of changing what you know, said Damon Lindelof.

They will be comfortable with the presence of Leonard Nimoy though. J.J. Abrams felt that his presence in the movie was critical. As for Nimoy, he had no great desire to reprise the Vulcan character, but Abrams was able to persuade him. "I thought Spock was behind me," he said. "I had no unfulfilled wishes. I felt J.J. and his writers had a very strong sense of who the characters were and how they should work. To find a team that was interested in putting it all back together was very exciting."

One of the photos recently released showed Kirk in a black uniform instead of the familiar gold. According to Entertainment Weekly, "black [is] space-cadet colors in Abrams' Trekverse."

The first full trailer of the movie will be paired, as rumored, with the new James Bond movie, which opens on November 14th.

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