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Montgomery Discusses Genesis of Hip-Hop CD

By Michelle
October 16, 2005 - 10:00 PM

Anthony Montgomery, who admitted to "very eclectic musical tastes" and owning "probably over a thousand CDs, from country to classical", said that he decided to record a rap album because he wanted to see whether he could learn about the business.

"After making some new friends in the music business, I wanted to see if I could take information and produce a result in a field I really know very little about," Enterprise's Travis Mayweather told He recorded a four-song hip-hop EP, What You Know About..., with his friend Dakari who is also a producer on the album.

Montgomery invested his own money in the EP, saying he chose from over 50 beat tracks. "I'm very particular about what it is I want to hear, because I used to choreograph, I used to be a dancer," he explained. "What happens is, I pay for the producer to create the music for me, and then I take the music, become one with it, feel it, and then I write my song."

The actor said it was important to him to "tell an effective story without using profanity...I wanted it to have a little more substance." He said "it gets old" hearing people talk about killing, demeaning women and some other themes of popular music. "That's not saying anything disparaging against that music, because I buy it too. So to that degree I could be considered hypocritical," he added. "I'm not saying I don't like it, I just get tired of listening to it."

One of the songs is very personal, about Montgomery's brother and his troubles, while another is called "Trek" and "honors an incredible legacy and some remarkable fans." His goal, he explained, is "to live a life that I love. Period. I'm just trying to live this life the best way I can and help others along the way...for me, the way that works is the one without me having to sell my integrity in the process."

To order the disc and hear the songs that Montgomery said he plans to perform at conventions, visit the actor's web site. The original news item is from

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