Paramount To Box Original Series At Last

By Michelle
October 16, 2003 - 7:55 PM

Complete season box sets of the original Star Trek series are in the planning stages for DVD release in both Region 1 and Region 2.

Paramount gave the long-awaited confirmation to The Digital Bits about the upcoming U.S. release.

"I've officially confirmed with Paramount that complete season box sets of Star Trek: The Original Series are in the planning stages for DVD release here in the States," wrote Bill Hunt. "However, you probably shouldn't expect them until after most of the work on the Star Trek: Voyager complete season DVDs is finished."

Voyager is expected to be released one set at a time throughout 2004, so the original series may not hit the market until 2005.

The R2 Project reports that the original series will be released in box sets on DVD in Region 2 as well, beginning in 2004. DVD Answers also has a brief item on the planned sets.

Thanks to Pixel for passing along the Region 2 link.

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