Nimoy Would Come Out Of Retirement for Trek 'Project of Merit'

By Michelle
September 16, 2006 - 12:00 AM

Leonard Nimoy (Spock), billed as a photographer when he spoke in Akron, Ohio on Thursday, nonetheless spoke about 40 years of Star Trek and his willingness to appear in the upcoming eleventh movie - the latest in several days of conflicting reports about whether Nimoy and William Shatner (Kirk) were interested in or in discussions with the producers of the upcoming film.

Akron's Beacon Journal covered the event, at which Nimoy said "shame on" the studio for adding computer-updated starships and special effects for a remastered version of the original series to be released in syndication. He also said that although he is mostly retired from acting except for short jobs like commercials, he would be willing to appear in a future Star Trek film "if I thought they had a project of merit."

Nimoy talked about his current passion, photography, describing his recent project which involves photos of full-figured women, in contrast to the fashion models whom Nimoy calls "freaks."

"The average American woman weighs at least 25 percent more than the model that is being used to sell the clothes and cosmetics," he explained. "A gigantic industry grew up around this issue which says, 'You, average American woman, you don't look right...and we have ways to help you.'"

Nimoy said that he and former co-star and good friend Shatner are "very much alike in a lot of ways" but while Shatner is still passionate about acting, Nimoy has lost that drive: "I've had enough. I don't need it emotionally or financially." He said that he prefers to work in his own time. Though Nimoy said he watched very little television, he added that Shatner was doing interesting work on Boston Legal.

The actor's photography can be seen at Leonard Nimoy Photography.

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