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By Lisa
September 16, 2001 - 3:49 PM

  • According to the Official Jeri Ryan Homepage, the Canadian TV Guide mentions Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) as one of TV's hottest stars on TV; listing her at number 20. The online preview of the list also mentions Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) at number 22.

  • Bakula News has posted a listing of forthcoming TV appearances by Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer). The list is as follows:
    • Sept 24: CBS Early Show.
    • Sept 24: Regis & Kelly (Syndicated)
    • Sept 24 or 25: Jon Stewart
    • Oct 2: Craig Kilborn
    • Oct 12: The View
    • Oct 14:'What Girls Learn' telemovie, Showtime

  • For more details, check local TV listings.

  • UK Trek fans can vote online for the Star Trek episode they want to see as part of the BBC 2 Star Trek night this evening. The poll listing the various options is available here at BBC Online.

  • The September 8th edition of TV Guide Magazine featured a poll of the best and worst TV cliffhangers of all time. The Next Generation episode 'The Best of Both Worlds' cam third in the poll of best cliffhangers.

  • Julia Houston's new article at's Star Trek site is entitled 'Optimism, Faith and the Gray War.'

    This Tuesday, America was the battleground in what history will probably dub the first official act of aggression in World War III. This will be a new type of world war, a "Gray War": as much a reinvention of military maneuvers as were the first and second world wars. Those wars saw the integration of industry and technology in the military, the first massive targeting of civilian lives, and the inclusion of modern communications both among the participants and the bystanders.

    To read the full article, follow this link.

  • The cover art for Voyager video volume 7.9 in the UK is now available over at Black Star. Thanks to Adam Walker for spotting this.

  • Cinescape's current poll asks: 'With the Fall TV season about to begin, which new series are you most looking forward to?' Current results show Enterprise in the lead with 51% of the vote. Thanks go out to Doug Wilson for this!

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