'Body And Soul' Plot & Crew Info

By Christian
September 16, 2000 - 11:11 PM

StarTrek.com, the official Paramount Star Trek site, has posted the first official info for 'Body and Soul', the first episode after the November telefilm 'Flesh and Blood'. First of all, there's the following synopsis of the episode:

While performing experiments on the Delta Flyer, Seven of Nine, Harry Kim and the Doctor are attacked by a Delta Quadrant race who view "photonics" such as the Doctor as mortal enemies. With time running out, the Doctor must hide in plain sight - taking refuge in Seven of Nine's Borg implants! Taking over her consciousness, the Doctor must convincingly behave as Seven of Nine to survive.

Though the site hasn't yet posted the names of the guest actors appearing in the episode, the main guest characters will be called Ranek, Jaryn, T'Pel and 'Captain'.

The story for 'Body and Soul' was written by Michael Taylor, with a teleplay by Eric Morris and Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman. It is being directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, who of course also stars on Voyager as Tom Paris.

More in this can be found in the official site's Production News section.

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