Trinneer To Appear on 'Stargate Atlantis'

By Michelle
August 16, 2005 - 10:49 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise may have been cancelled, but Connor Trinneer is returning to space. The former NX-01 engineer has been cast on the Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate Atlantis.

Pegasus Galaxy reports that Trinneer, who played Trip Tucker on Enterprise, told fans at Creation's Star Trek convention in Las Vegas last weekend that he had been cast as a character named Michael.

In spoilers previously published for the episode "Michael" at the Pegasus Galaxy Forums, Michael is described as a captured wraith who has been made human by a retrovirus that suppresses elements of wraith DNA. He believes that he is a lieutenant who has lost his memories, but eventually he begins to have flashbacks and to understand that he is a test subject.

In the same thread, a fan posted that she had been at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention where Trinneer said that he would be appearing on Stargate Atlantis. "He had not really wanted his first job after Enterprise to be in Scifi, since he doesn't want to be typecast in that genre," she wrote. "But when he looked at the breakdown for this role, the character looked interesting."

Trinneer said that he had his agent contact the production about an audition and was told that the role was "'his if he wants it'" which "made him feel really good." He believed that the character was intended to be recurring, but said that since his wife is expecting a baby in October, he couldn't commit to an ongoing project yet.

A number of Star Trek actors, including Robert Picardo, Jolene Blalock, Marina Sirtis, Rene Auberjonois and John Billingsley, have previously appeared on Stargate shows. The original news item may be found here.

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