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Shatner 'Enterprise' Appearance Questions Continue

By Kristine
August 16, 2004 - 4:29 PM

While the fandom continues to buzz over the possibility of William Shatner (James T. Kirk) appearing on Star Trek: Enterprise, it looks like money might be the deciding factor in the deal.

At his official website,, Shatner posted that the executives at Paramount may have balked at his asking price for an appearance. "Paramount and I have had one discussion about my appearing on Enterprise," Shatner wrote. "I mentioned money and they stopped calling."

Paramount appears to be considering ponying up the cash for Shatner. An ad that was apparently a research tool to test audience interest recently ran in the CBS Television City Research Center in the MGM hotel in Las Vegas (story). The ad featured Shatner and suggested he would be appearing in a two-part Enterprise episode this fall.

Rick Berman recently told the Star Trek: Communicator that Shatner's appearance on Enterprise was something he was really hoping for. "We are hopfully going to have some discussions with our dear friend Mr. Shatner, and perhaps come up with a small arc that will involve him," Berman said.

In a recent article in Star Trek Magazine (via Sci Fi Pulse), Shatner appeared more optimistic about a potential guest spot on Enterprise. "When Rick Berman broached the subject I said, 'it's possible if you have the time and you have the money,'" Shatner commented. "He said, 'Well, I've got the money'. So we'll see. I don't know if he's still got the money and I'm going to be pretty busy, but I have a couple of ideas about how to make it work."

In the meantime, Shatner has been focusing on his writing. He's currently working on Captain's Glory, the follow-up to his recent novel Captain's Blood, with his co-authors Judith Reeves Stevens and Garfield Reeves Stevens. "Captain's Glory is a two-page outline in my files right now," he said. "We'll start work on that soon. We thought we could do the ideas we had in Captain's Blood, as the one novel, but the ideas got so large that we decided that the second half of Captain's Blood would make Captain's Glory. We'll get working on that one soon."

For more from Shatner, please visit Sci Fi Pulse, or pick up a copy of Star Trek Magazine, available in the UK and U.S.

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