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Combs: Shran May Return

By Caillan
August 16, 2002 - 10:49 AM

Jeffrey Combs said recently there's a possibility he may don the antennae again to play Enterprise's Andorian terrorist Shran.

"I've read [executive producer] Brannon Braga commenting that he liked the Andorian episodes and is very open to having the Andorians return," Combs told Ian Spelling for the New York Times (via the actor's official fan club). "I've also talked to a couple of the writers, and there have been...unofficial assurances that Shran would show up."

Combs first appeared as Shran in 'The Andorian Incident' and later reprised the role in the follow-up episode 'Shadows of P'Jem.' But the Trek veteran, best known for playing the dual roles of Brunt and Weyoun on Deep Space Nine, also turned up as Krem the Ferengi in 'Acquisition.' "I'd also heard, just after we did the Ferengi episode, that the producers really liked it," the actor said, "so the Enterprise might run into the Ferengi again at some point. So the options are wide open."

And even if Shran bites the bullet in a future episode, that doesn't rule out further appearances, according to Combs. "I used to make the joke that, as long as a character doesn't die, he could come back again. But as fans of Deep Space Nine certainly know, Weyoun proved that wrong - Weyoun died about six times. Even death doesn't preclude anyone from coming back on Star Trek."

The original article, in which Combs also talked about his upcoming film 'FearDotCom,' was published in the August 9 edition of the New York Times. A transcript can be found here at the Official Jeffrey Combs Fan Club. Thanks to TrekWeb for this!

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