Mulgrew Confirms Net Rumours

By Christian
August 16, 2000 - 10:56 PM

As previously reported, Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) appeared on last night's edition of the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. On the show, she talked about the Democratic Convention, her first scene on Star Trek, technobabble, and, most importantly, she also seemed to confirm one rumour that has been floating around the net for a while. Here is a transcript of this part of the show, written down from the digitised version on Media Trek:

Following talk on the Democratic National Convention, which she was heading to after the show:

Craig Kilborn: Can we talk Star Trek? That's what's important.

Kate Mulgrew: Yes. Of Course.

CK: That's what's important. It's the final season.

KM: Captain Janeway is a Democrat. You know that, don't you?

[Audience reacts, laughter]

KM: Am I pushing this a little too much? Alright, forget it.

CK: This is the final season. How do you want your character to say goodbye?

KM: I can tell you exactly. Now, I may stand alone in this, and I'm sure it's going to be controversial. I think it should be poignant.

CK: Is she in a voting booth?

KM: She's in a voting booth for somebody else.

KM: I think it should be stunning. Unpredictable. Heartbreaking. The audience should guess, but it should be the last frame of the last episode. An extreme close-up of a beloved character - Out.

CK: Are we fading to black... or is she?

KM: [probably, difficult to understand] I can't, I'm not allowed to say. I think you should see the ship go up in flames, deck by deck. Just get to the escape pods.

CK: Wow. You're going to... you're gonna die!

KM: I was told not to speak of this, as you can see I'm the biggest blabbermouth in Hollywood.

CK: She's gonna die and she just said it on the Late Late show, Ladies and Gentlemen!

KM: You're gonna get in trouble...

CK: Hoo! I didn't say that - "Fade to black!" You said "Fade to Black!"

KM: "Fade to Black" I didn't say Janeway [Emphasis placed by Mulgrew] was going to die.

CK: Oh! I misinterpreted what you said.


The segment continues with Mulgrew talking about being a role model.

In this part, it looks as if she might be confirming that Janeway will be the one to die, but in any case she seems to confirm at least one character will die. Make of it what you want. Any inaccuracies in the above transcript are to be blamed on me, if you want to download the actual segment in Real Video format, it's available here on Media Trek.

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