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By Michelle
July 16, 2006 - 2:12 PM

Hello World!

So you've probably noticed that things have been a little slow on the news front around here. I can only apologize for all of us. I've been out of town for nearly a month - first on a two-week trip west and south, then another week at the Delaware shore with my folks - and Christian, who founded this site, has had some big changes in his life, including winning a big student film prize and heading off for the new opportunities that offers.

Anyway, I'm back now, so news will be posted with far more regularity than in the past couple of weeks! Although the Washington, DC area along with much of the east coast was afflicted by heavy rain and flooding earlier this summer, we've had charmed vacation days -- sunshine, not a lot of outrageous heat, cool evenings. It was beautiful at the beach, where we visited Rehoboth, Lewes, Cape Henlopen and Ocean City. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

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Star Trek (the one, the only, the original series) 14.8% - (419 Votes)
Star Trek: Voyager 12.5% - (354 Votes)
Star Trek: Enterprise 7.3% - (208 Votes)
Star Trek: The Animated Series 5.1% - (146 Votes)
Star Trek: The Motion Pictures 3.5% - (99 Votes)

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