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By Caillan
July 16, 2002 - 2:03 PM

  • will be holding a chat with Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) on July 18 at 3:00pm PDT (6:00pm EDT). Go here to submit questions.

  • Julia Houston at has posted a new feature article, entitled Dr. Leonard McCoy: Definitely Not PC.

    While the Kirk-Spock friendship has somewhat outshone other relationships on Star Trek: The Original Series, the truth is that that friendship, along with pretty much everything else on TOS, wouldn't have worked nearly as well without McCoy.

    Go here to read more.

  • is giving away 20 tickets to the special screening of 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' at Paramount on July 31 - more information is available at this page.

  • Images of Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) at Paramount's 90th anniversary party can be found at WireImage. Thanks to Bakula News for this!

  • According to the Varilux Boomer Watch survey, 45% percent of male baby boomers ranked Star Trek as their favorite TV show while they were growing up.

  • According to E! Online, the Next Generation DVDs are among the 10 Great TV-on-DVD Box Sets. Thanks to 'Captain Joe' for this!

  • The newly-released CultTVman's Ultimate Modeling Guide to Classic Sci-Fi Movies features an article on building the Ertl Enterprise 1701/1701-A model and a chapter documenting the history of the studio model for this ship, as well as a forward by Trek veteran Rick Sternbach.

  • A complete list of the German Enterprise episode titles for season one is available at

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