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Frakes: 'Nemesis' Different From 'Insurrection'

By Caillan
July 16, 2002 - 1:32 PM

In contrast to the smaller scale of 'Insurrection,' Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker) says the upcoming 'Star Trek: Nemesis' features a conflict of epic proportions.

"I think it'll be different from the last one ['Insurrection']," Frakes told Dave Mason of the Scripps Howard News Service. "This one is about loyalty and friendship and fighting for the survival of the galaxy.

"The stakes are high. There's a huge battle, and they play mind games. The Star Trek philosophy of cloning is discussed."

Action-adventure aside, 'Nemesis' also features a major event in the lives of the crew - the wedding of Commander Riker and Counsellor Deanna Troi. "Finally!" said Frakes. "It's been so many years since Riker and Troi looked longingly at each other."

The end of the film sees many of the principal characters leave the Enterprise-E, including Riker, who finally takes command of his own starship. "Picard feels his own mortality in a huge way," the actor said. "All of us are leaving the ship."

But is 'Nemesis' the "final journey" of the Next Generation crew, as the Paramount publicity campaign suggests? "I think if this one does well, I can't imagine why they would stop making them," Frakes said.

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