Two New 'Andromeda' Articles

By Christian
July 16, 2000 - 12:07 PM

Don Lipper at has put up another of his weekly interviews with Robert Hewitt Wolfe, this week talking again about one of the alien races in the series. After the Vedrans last week, this interview focuses on the Nightsiders, not the most pleasant people:

Robert Hewitt Wolfe: Nightsiders, they don't like their children. They're not very nice people. I tell you, there's certain African frogs that lay huge amounts of tadpoles and then eat them. That's what Nightsiders do. How do they advance?

RHW: The ones that live are obviously the fittest. I mean their young are not sentient. They give birth to huge numbers of non-sentients. a couple Nightsiders can have a thousand babies that they basically hatch as, literally as tadpoles. They dump them in the water, and eventually they grow into fish and then eventually they grow into lungfish and crawl onto the ground and start growing fur and if they live long enough they become sentient. But, the parents certainly have very little to do with it.

The full interview can be found by following this link.

Also new is a report by Joanne Weintraub at the Evansville Courier & Press, looking to be based on the same Pasadena, California press meeting the recent articles in the Canadian press were based on. In the interview, co-producer Majel Barrett Roddenberry talks about how Gene Roddenberry thought of 'Andromeda' as 'Wagon Train' to the stars, but as this is also how Gene referred to Star Trek it seems likely the reporter misinterpreted Ms Roddenberry's remarks. At any rate, in the interview Robert Wolfe is also quoted, commenting how fans of Roddenberry's series will look at the series: "It would be naive to think that (viewers) aren't going to tune in with a 'Prove yourself to me' attitude."

The complete Courier & Press article can be found here.

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