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Bakula Taking a Break From Television

By Michelle
June 16, 2005 - 7:19 PM

Scott Bakula said that the only work he is actively seeking at present is in the theatre, though he added that at some point in the future he is certain that he will return to television.

Project Quantum Leap has excerpts from interviews with Quantum Leap alumni, including both Bakula and his publicist Jay Schwartz, who appeared as an extra on Star Trek: Enterprise. Schwartz said that it was a lot of fun to appear in the episode "Demons" with his client, explaining that few people on the set recognized him because his blonde hair had to be darkened. "It wasn't until we started shooting that a whole bunch of people ran up to me saying, 'I didn't know that was you!' So that was pretty cool."

Bakula, who of course played Captain Archer on Enterprise for four years, said that if the series had continued, he believes that Archer would have "become more relaxed in command. More worldly and sophisticated." But he thinks the character would have remained true to his idealism: "I don't think he ever would have become calloused."

An interviewer from The Observer, which will publish a 15th anniversary edition this October, asked Bakula about a comment he reportedly made at a charity performace in which the actor suggested that he was taking a break from performing. "I'm just laying out awhile and looking for something in the theater," Bakula responded. "I'm not going to do anything for awhile...but I'm sure I will return to TV at some point and I would consider another series."

The New York Times reports that Bakula did take time to visit his friend Peggy Lipton, who has just published a new memoir, Breathing Out. When Lipton and Bakula's wife, Chelsea Field, "blabbed too much" about "their troublemaking past", Bakula asked whether it was time to remind them to keep it quiet.

Excerpts from the Observer interviews may be found here.

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