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Braga: 'Enterprise''s Move To Friday Is Auspicious

By Kristine
June 16, 2004 - 9:32 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga is relieved by fact that UPN moved the show from Wednesday to Friday for its fourth season.

Speaking at a special screening of Star Trek: First Contact at the ArcLights Cinema in Hollywood (via TrekWeb), Braga said he was glad to have Enterprise out of the extremely competitive Wednesday night slot. "Right now we’re up against American Idol for god sakes!" Braga said. "You might as well not air the episodes! Now we're on Friday nights and I think people will seek it out."

Braga is quite satisfied with the third season of Enterprise, and happy that the show will go on to a fourth season. "We had a great season," he commented. "In part due to a writer named Manny Coto.... He wrote some great shows. We’re very happy to have been picked up.” Coto, who penned several episodes this past season including the critically acclaimed "Similitude", will be taking over the daily running of Enterprise from Braga and Rick Berman.

When asked about the possibility of an appearance by Q (John DeLancie) on Enterprise, Braga was hesitant, but didn't completely dismiss the possibility. "We always talk about it," he said. "Q kind of got de-fanged over the years. He was so great at the end of the finale of TNG and then he came back on DS9 and VOY and he was fairly soft. So if we bring Q back we want to bring him back with an edge to him."

On the future of the Trek franchise, Braga was noncommittal. "Will it take a rest?" he pondered at one point. "Frankly I think it probably should at some point. I just don’t know."

Braga spoke of his love for the Trek universe envisioned by Gene Roddenberry, and the fact that conflict between human beings was all but a thing of the past. "This is just my opinion but I think constrictions are good when you’re trying to write drama,” he commented. “You want parameters and I personally love Gene’s universe and I don’t want to write for a show where people are at each other’s throats, it’s more interesting to do it metaphorically through the aliens that they meet and so forth. Although we did find times to have the characters in conflict, for instance here with Picard and Worf [in First Contact].”

To read more from Braga on First Contact and The Next Generation, please visit TrekWeb.

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