'Enterprise' Recurring Characters Revealed

By Christian
June 16, 2001 - 6:44 PM

Even after filming on the Enterprise pilot started in May, producers were still tweaking the finer details of Captain Jonathan Archer's crew. Sources suggest we will be seeing at least four recurring crew members over the course of the season.

As previously reported, Enterprise will feature seven main characters, the names of which were locked down when shooting on the pilot began. However, at that time the rest of the Enterprise's duty roster was still in flux, as producers were still developing and casting the main recurring crew members that will be featured in the first season.

One character who did not survive this creative process was an Irishman named Lieutenant Regan, for which initial casting had already begun. However, he was replaced by one of the female characters listed below, presumably to improve the series' gender balance. As of mid-May, the following four actors had reportedly been cast as recurring characters in the show:

  • Derek Annunciation - copyright Universal PicturesDerek Annunciation will be playing Sergeant Veldamar. It is not known of what nationality (or even species) this character is.

    Annunciation has been acting for over ten years, though his IMDB biography lists only seven on-screen projects he appeared in. His first listed performance was in 1998, playing a Mouse in the the foreign film 'Long xing tian xia,' while two years later he appeared as a 'Weasly Kid' in the television series Doogie Howser, M.D.. In later years, he appeared in the Robert de Niro / Bill Murray mafia comedy 'Mad Dog and Glory' (see photo), while his last listed project was the 1998 short film 'Jesus 2000.'

  • Andrea Beutner - copyright OmniPop Andrea Beutner will be playing Lieutenant Vanessa Belnoir, who will be speaking with a French accent. She has been hired to appear in three episodes of the first season, while Paramount has an option to have her appear in four more in the second season.

    Beutner's most famous role is probably providing the voice of Kat the Motorcycle in UPN's short-lived Team Knight Rider series. She has also appeared in person in independent films such as 'Three Days in Roswell' and the documentary-style comedy 'L.A. Phant.' On stage, she has appeared in Minneapolis, Chicago and Los Angeles, and has won the Dramalogue Acting Award.

  • Carol Brophy, copyright Carol Brophy Carol Brophy will be playing Lieutenant Smith.

    Brophy has appeared in a large number of television and film productions, educational films and theater projects, though none of her roles have been extremely large. She appeared in Barbara Streisand's 'The Mirror Has Two Faces' and Robert Redford's 'Quiz Show,' and had guest roles in TV shows such as Good Day New York and All My Children.

  • Stacy Carter - copyright WWF Stacy Carter will be playing a nurse to Dr. Phlox. She has been given a name, but unfortunately the document we received was garbled, and so we were unable to decipher it. No further details on the role are known.

    Carter is well-known from the several years she spent as professional wrestler with the WWF, playing a character named the Kat, whose main characteristic was appearing with a different hair colour for every fight. She was fired by the WWF in early February, and fans were uncertain what she would do next. Apparently, she has decided to start a career in acting.

It is not known whether any of these characters will be appearing in the Enterprise pilot, 'Broken Bow,' or what the extent of their roles will be. Though they may well be featured in future storylines, these characters may also just be in the background to provide a sense of continuity for the viewer. In addition, while these four characters are currently planned to be recurring characters, if their initial performance is disappointing producers may also still decide not to bring back these characters for future episodes.

Thanks go out to Carl Stefanski and AntonyF for part of this report. As usual, please be aware that Paramount has made no announcements yet about Enterprise's recurring characters, and until then any news from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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