Biller Says Season Seven Was A 'Great Year'

By Caillan
June 16, 2001 - 11:30 AM

Home. That was the theme for this season, wasn't it? The answer's 'yes' according to Voyager's Executive Producer, Kenneth Biller.

The producer spoke to Anna L. Kaplan at Assignment X about his thoughts on the final season. "I can tell you a couple of things about the finale. It really takes on the big themes of the show. 'What does home mean? Are they home already? Is getting home whatís important? Is staying together what's important?'"

Biller spoke to Kaplan just as production on 'Endgame' was wrapping up. "We are basically done," he said. "I've seen the first hour of the two-hour [finale]. It looks terrific, and I'm really pleased with it. I think it has been a great year. I am exhausted, so I am relieved that it's just about over, and everything is good."

Particularly close to the producer's heart were the season's two-part episodes, which allowed the staff to work on a larger scale. "I was really happy with 'Flesh and Blood'," he said. "I thought it was also in the grand tradition of Star Trek. It takes on themes of slavery, and oppression, and individual rights. On the Janeway side of the story, it forced her to confront the ramifications of a lot of the decisions that she made in the Delta Quadrant."

The story explored in 'Workforce' was also something that Biller thought fitted into the larger Voyager saga. "Is there a simpler kind of life that would be a nicer, happier, more satisfying life than the very pressure-filled, lonely life of a captain on a quest?" he asked. "Thatís an episode Iíve wanted to do for several years."

To read the full article, in which Biller also talks about Q, Barclay and LeVar Burton's directing, can be found here at Assignment X.

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