Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
June 16, 2001 - 11:01 AM

  • Now that 'Dominion Wars' has shipped to stores, Simon & Schuster have posted an official Support FAQ for the game. The FAQ includes details on music, potential graphics problems and how to import ships for 'Warp Creator 2.'

  • A question and answer session with Mike Wallace, producer of the recently released 'Dominion Wars,' has been posted at Voodoo Extreme. "We're very confident we got the true essence of Trek," he told the site. "The storyline and continuity closely match that of the show, and we feel the game accurately captures the struggle between the Federation Alliance and invading Dominion forces." The full Q&A can be found here.

  • Two movie trailers for 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' have been posted at GameSpot. One clip premiered at the E3 Expo, and other shows Federation ships flying across space. To view the trailers, head over to this page at GameSpot.

  • A review of the 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack has been posted at Gamers Pulse. "The absolute best thing about this expansion pack is that it made me want to replay the original game - which I did, just to get the taste of the Expansion pack out of my mouth," wrote reviewer Robert Szekely. "I can not see myself ever loading up the Expansion pack to play the new stuff ever again, but I know I will replay the original someday soon just for the fun of it." The full review, in which the pack is awarded a score of 71, can be found here.

  • Future Games Network has also posted a review of the pack. Reviewer Mark Chantry wasn't particularly impressed. "When I received this Voyager add–on I really had high hopes for an awesome addition to the original game," he wrote. "To my sorrow, such was not to be. Even tho’ Raven did expand here and there in certain areas, the resulting additions came up short of the mark several times." To read the full review, head over to this page at Future Games Network.

  • The official Decipher website reported that Star Trek has gained its first offical CCG 'Expert.' Ian Vincent was the first player to pass the 2000 rating mark.

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