More 'Endgame' Final Scenes Info

By Christian
May 16, 2001 - 9:12 PM

When Star Trek: Voyager airs next week, it promises to end the series with the final confrontation with one of the show's most popular enemies, the Borg. More information on what exactly Janeway will be up against in the episode is now available.

After an extensive plot summary mostly describing the first half of 'Endgame' already appeared, last week the Great Link posted a synopsis of the final scenes of the finale. Our sources now suggest that while much of the basic information in the Great Link's synopsis was correct, some details had apparently changed since the version of the script read by the Great Link's source. Below is more detailed information on what will happen during Voyager's final minutes:

As previously reported, 'Endgame' will see a future Admiral Janeway travelling back in time to help the present-day Captain Janeway get Voyager home early. The Admiral sacrifices herself to allow Captain Janeway to escape from the Borg, infect the Queen with the deadly Borg pathogen, and steal a transwarp coil to get Voyager back home. The ship is able to jump into transwarp and rapidly moves closer to Earth.

Initially, Admiral Janeway's sacrifice seems to have worked, as the Borg Queen begins to pass away. She becomes unable to communicate with the Collective, but manages to find a single sphere which she can still control. The Queen sends it after Voyager to assimilate Captain Janeway and prevent her from turning into the Admiral Janeway who caused the Queen's downfall, a plan that is sure to raise questions about the temporal paradoxes involved.

Even with a single sphere, the Borg are still immensely powerful, and Voyager is heavily hit inside the transwarp conduit. The crew desperately start to look for a way out of the conduit, but the only exit they can find is one that leads back to the Delta Quadrant. Knowing it is the only way the ship will be able to survive, Janeway tells Paris to set a course for the exit...

Meanwhile, back home in the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Paris and Reginald Barclay at the Pathfinder Project are shocked to suddenly see a transwarp conduit opening. Not having heard from Voyager about their homecoming attempt yet, they assume the Borg are returning to assimilate the Federation once and for all. A fleet of 18 (with more on the way) is hastily assembled to destroy whatever comes out of the conduit. The Borg sphere emerges, and a massive space battle ensues...

Our source, not wanting to spoil the ending, did not provide exact information on the absolute final scenes of the episode. However, they did confirm the closing line of the episode is indeed "Set a course for home," spoken by Captain Janeway as the ship is escorted back to Earth by Starfleet. In all likelihood, most of the other scenes described in the recent Great Link synopsis are also true.

'Endgame' is scheduled to air exactly one week from now, on Wednesday the 23rd of May. New footage from the finale will be released this evening, when UPN airs the trailer for the final episode after 'Renaissance Man.' As usual, please be aware that UPN has not released an official full plot synopsis of the episode yet, and until then any news from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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