'New Frontier' Comic Coming

By Christian
May 16, 2000 - 11:59 PM

Michael Doran at AnotherUniverse's Daily Buzz is reporting that Wildstorm comics will be publishing a 'New Frontier' prestige format one-shot this September. 'New Frontier' is the novel series set aboard the U.S.S. Excalibur, written by writer Peter David.

The novel will tie in with the 'New Frontier' book trilogy Pocket Books will be publishing at the same time, looking at a chunk of time not written about in the books. Here's how Wildstorms editor Jeff Mariotte describes the comic:

"When a group of religious extremists called the Redeemers target the planet Haresh for 'purification', Captain Calhoun of the starship Excalibur is outraged. Calhoun orders the ship to Haresh to intervene -- but on the way there, an emergency rescue on another planet slows the Excalibur down, so that it arrives too late. Haresh is already a dead planet.

"Calhoun doesn't take defeat lightly, though -- and tries a risky scheme to travel back in time, arriving at Haresh early enough to save the populace from the Redeemers. This maneuver isn't universally popular, though, either with the Excalibur's crew or with the Federation ship Relativity, which is prepared to use force against the Excalibur.

"With the Federation on one side and the Redeemers on the other, Calhoun is in the crossfire. And there's no easy way out..."

A bit more on the comic, which will be penciled by Michael Collins, inked by David Roach, and of course written by Peter David, can be found here. Thanks go out to Elaine Butler for this!

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