Son Of Late 'Star Trek' Creator A Fan of Abrams

By T'Bonz
April 16, 2008 - 9:57 PM

Count Gene Roddenberry's son as another of J.J. Abram's fan club after a visit to the set.

As reported by SyFy Portal, Roddenberry met with Abrams, probably when secondary shots were being filmed for Star Trek XI. "What I did see, it looked great," said Roddenberry. "The costumes, acting, sets.

Like so many associated with Star Trek, he had praise for Abrams. "J.J. is such a regular guy, and seems so much like a fan because he gets it," said Roddenberry. "While he has to work the way you have to work in Hollywood and balance what the studio wants, he's really on the side of the fans. He really tries to stay true of the continuity and stay true to canon."

Roddenberry is also on the side of the fans. He has been working for several years on a documentary along with Scott Colthorp called Trek Nation that will portray fans favorably, unlike some other recent documentary efforts. "I wanted to show fans in a positive light," said Roddenberry.

Trek Nation was delayed due to a lack of consensus between the creators on the focus of the film, but that has been sorted and Trek Nation might be ready for release later this year.

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