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'New Frontier' Anthology Details Released

By Antony
April 16, 2003 - 3:48 PM

Veteran Trek author Keith R.A. DeCandido paid a visit to the Trek BBS to give details on an upcoming New Frontier anthology called No Limits.

"Edited by NF co-developer and author Peter David, No Limits will feature a score of new stories spotlighting the individual characters that make up the NF ensemble," DeCandido told readers in his post. "Peter himself will be telling the story of Calhoun and Shelby's honeymoon. Beyond that, the main characters ... will be getting at least one spotlight story each, and the remaining stories will feature the secondary characters."

In addition to David, the tenative list of contributors (along with their previous credits) is:

    Ilsa J. Bick (The Lost Era: Well of Souls)
    Loren L. Coleman (Mech Warrior novels, first Trek credit)
    Keith R.A. DeCandido (The Brave and the Bold)
    Kevin Dilmore (SCE: Foundations)
    Craig Gibb (Strange New Worlds V)
    Allyn Gibson (SCE: Ring Around the Sky)
    Robert Greenberger (TNG: Doors Into Chaos)
    Glenn Hauman (SCE: Oaths) & Lisa Sullivan (first Trek credit)
    Robert Jeschonek (Strange New Worlds III, V, and VI)
    David Mack (SCE: Wildfire)
    Terri Osborne (DS9: Prophecy and Change)
    Peg Robinson (Strange New Worlds I and II)
    Mary Scott-Wiecek (Strange New Worlds III, V, and VI)
    Josepha Sherman (ST: Vulcan's Heart)
    Susan Shwartz (ST: Vulcan's Heart)
    Dayton Ward (ST: In the Name of Honor)
    Susan Wright (ST: One Small Step)
    Christina F. York (SCE: Enigma Ship)
"The stories (aside from Peter's honeymoon story, obviously) will focus on the characters' lives prior to their joining the NF cast," wrote DeCandido. "I can also tell you that my story is entitled Revelations, and will focus on Soleta.

Senior Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri also dropped by the Trek BBS, and in a post confirmed the final author line up for the DS9 anthology (story) Prophecy and Change.

In chronological order, the list is as follows:

    Ha'mara" by Kevin G. Summers
    "The Orb of Opportunity" by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
    "Broken Oaths" by Keith R.A. DeCandido
    "...Loved I Not Honor More" by Christopher L. Bennett
    "Three Sides to Every Story" by Terri Osborne
    "The Devil You Know" by Heather Jarman
    "Foundlings" by Jeffrey Lang
    "Chiaroscuro" by Geoffrey Thorne
    "Face Value" by Una McCormack
    "The Calling" by Andrew J. Robinson [Garak]
The DS9 anthology is due to go on sale in September, and the New Frontier anthology in October. The original posts by DeCandido and Palmieri can be found here and here resepectively at the Trek BBS.

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