First Official Finale Synopsis

By Amy
April 16, 2001 - 7:10 PM

It's often amazing the Star Trek items that turn up for auction. Aside from the photographs, autographs and memorabilia that commonly come up for auction, props from episodes and even completed scripts for yet-to-air episodes have been known to be put up for sale online. Today however, the unusual item is a press-kit for Voyager's season finale, 'Endgame', which in turn provides us with the first official Paramount synopsis of the episode.

"In Voyager's epic finale adventure" it reads, "a mysterious visitor from another time forces Captain Janeway into a deadly confrontation with her arch nemesis, the Borg Queen". This seems to fit with previous rumours of time travel - that parts of the episode were set in a future where Tuvok is locked away in an asylum - and of a confrontation with the Borg.

Also, the synopsis promises that "in the midst of the peril, an unexpected romance [will ignite]" and that "a new generation of the Voyager family [will emerge]." This again appears to increase the likelihood of the rumoured Chakotay/Seven romance in the finale. Meanwhile, new Voyager crew expected to make their appearance include Miral, the daughter of B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris and Sabrina, Naomi Wildman's daughter.

The press release it currently up for auction on E-Bay, with bidding now into the $300 US range. Aside from the synopsis, the kit also contains a two-page Production Information release, five pages of season highlights, a retrospective interview with Rick Berman, a Q&A session with the actors, a four-page Voyager Trivia quiz and a glossary of terms and references.

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