Two More 'Q2' Reviews

By Amy
April 16, 2001 - 5:43 PM

Two more reviews of last week's new Voyager episode, 'Q2' have been released, and the results are virtually at opposite ends of the scale.

First up is Jamahl (Jammer) Epsicokhan of Star Trek: Hypertext, who joined in what seems to be the general consensus thus far - that the episode left a lot to be desired.

"The best Q comedy," he explains, "was TNG's 'Deja Q.' That was a show with chemistry and wit ... and a premise that at least made Our Favorite Q (John de Lancie) into a human, such that he had no choice but to experience human behavior firsthand. But "Q2" -- aside from its ripped-off "Deja Q"-like elements -- is unfortunately the sequel to 'The Q and the Grey' from four years back, an episode that went about as wrong as a Q story could. 'Q2' only takes that wrongness further; omnipotence apparently means you have the ability to do anything physically, but have the intellect and ambitions of an American teenager."

His thoughts on the episode can probably best be summed up by his opening statement: "Not nearly funny enough to make up for the woeful lack of imagination and utterly wrong-headed use of the Q." To find out exactly why and why he only rated it a star and a half, follow this link.

Meanwhile, Section31's T'Bonz has posted her review of 'Q2' - and she's so far the only one who enjoyed the episode, though she admitted that it left her "somewhat unsatisfied, and hungry for more."

"It's always good to see Q again," she opens her review with. "De Lancie's son did a good job playing Q2 (this reviewer was unaware of the real life relationship until after the show). There were many amusing scenes, as to be expected in a Q episode - ones that stood out were: the shock on Janeway's face when Q kisses her, the computer reprogramming ("Get it yourself!") and the bathtub scene. The unusual friendship that sprang up between Icheb and Q2 ("Itchy" and "Q-ball") was nicely done. Hearing Kirk's name mentioned is always good. Seven's reaction to Q2 de-clothing her was amusing, as was his line later to her. ("Could I see you naked again?"). Janeway's question to Q at the end "Why not send us ALL the way" was something many of us have wondered during past episodes with Q. It was good to see it addressed."

Again, for the full run-down on the episode and to find out why T'Bonz though it rated 8/10, check out her full review.

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