New Trek Nation Mailbag

By Christian
April 16, 2000 - 11:22 PM

Back in July and August of 1999, the Trek Nation had a very active period, and one of the most popular features we offered back then was a mailbag where you could offer your own thoughts on the state of Trek. Now that, over the past week, the Nation has again become very active, we've also resurrected the mailbag, once again giving you the opportunity to offer feedback on anything we publish at the Trek Nation sites.

This week, the mailbag contains comments on Fred Shedian's We The Trekkers and Reaching Out columns, as well as Michael Hinman's article on the origins of Seven of Nine. In addition, we have reader reactions to several TrekToday news items, including the 'Birth of the Federation' reports and the 'Hello World!' in which I mentioned my love for 'West Wing'. Click here to read it all!

From now on, if you have anything to say about the current state of Trek, please send in your thoughts to, and you might just see them published in our mailbag!

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