Bakula and Trinneer Discuss Their Evil Twins

By Michelle
March 16, 2005 - 10:20 PM

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"We've spent the better part of four years forming these other relationships with rhythms...and it's all f___ed up!" said Connor Trinneer about playing the Mirror universe Trip Tucker in the upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly." "I find it difficult and intimidating, if simply because you are taken out of your element, still I playing your part, and put into this alien environment that you know very, very well as a viewer."

Trinneer and Scott Bakula spoke to SFX Magazine (via The Great Link) about playing the alternate universe Tucker and Archer, both using the word "crazy" to describe the atmosphere while filming the two-part episode. "The story is so twisted and my character is totally getting off on this huge powerful machine that he is going to get to blow people up with," explained Bakula. "We are acting so un-Star Treky."

There are compensations, however. "This is a freaking throne, baby!" said the captain of his chair on his alternate universe starship. "I like this seat a lot better." As for the costume on Jolene Blalock, who donned an original series miniskirt, Bakula added, "Get those skirts raised...we need some slits!" And he had the added thrill of wrestling a CGI Gorn.

"Last time I wore this material it must have been '81," noted Trinneer of the original series red shirt that his character dons in the mirror universe. "I got the v-neck going on and everything. It's full-on velour." However, he said, "It's hard to feel like I'm anchoring my character in's this alternate universe guy that is much harder and colder."

Bakula agreed that it was "kind of abstract" to play a warped version of his usual character, admitting, "We are chewing it up. It's really a narcissistic power trip thing going." The show, he added, "gives you things that are way beyond your fantasies as an actor. It takes it to a whole new level."

The original article appears in the April 2005 issue of SFX, on sale this week in the UK. Images from the same issue are available here. These excerpts are courtesy The Great Link.

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