'Voyager' Season Two DVD Details Confirmed

By Michelle
March 16, 2004 - 10:17 PM

Official details for the upcoming release of Star Trek Voyager's second season on DVD confirm a character study of Seska and a look at the arduous makeup Ethan Phillips underwent to get into character as Neelix.

TV Shows on DVD published the official specs for the Region 1 release of Voyager season two, a seven-disc set which will arrive on May 18th.

The box will contain all 26 episodes from the second season of Voyager in order of broadcast, including four episodes originally produced during the series' first season - "The 37's", which was filmed to be the first season finale, then became the second season premiere, as well as "Projections", "Elogium" and "Twisted".

The episodes will be presented in full-screen format, as they were filmed. The seventh disc will contain bonus features such as a look at second-season production, profiles of Tuvok and Seska, the Ethan Phillips segment, a look at the visual effects for the season, a feature on the show's science and more.

The episodes will be presented in Dolby Digital sound with English subtitles and closed captions. No list price has been named yet by Paramount.

However, the set may be pre-ordered for under $100 USD from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.

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