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Trek X To Involve Cloning & Romulans

By Christian
March 16, 2001 - 3:45 PM

Besides talking about Series V, Rick Berman also spoke about the tenth Star Trek film and the upcoming end of Voyager in his new interview with syndicated columnist Ian Spelling.

"All I can tell you now about the plot is that it will deal with a supreme and hopefully memorable villain," Berman told Spelling. "There's some cloning involved, and there are also a lot of Romulans involved. But I will say no more."

It'll be quite a while before we actually get to see more, as production on the film won't start until several months after the expected writers' and actors' strikes. The story, which Berman developed together with John Logan and Brent Spiner (Data), is pretty much done, and Logan recently submitted a second draft of the film's screenplay.

Meanwhile, production is still continuing on the Voyager finale, for which Berman did not wish to reveal any plot info. He did say "it's going to be terrific", and again confirmed Voyager won't have a DS9-like Final Chapter.

"On 'DS9' we had so many strings to tie up, because we had so many secondary characters and a war to resolve. We needed a number of serialized episodes leading up to the finale in order to address everything. That's not quite the case with 'Voyager,'" he explained. "There will be some surprises as we head up to the end, in the last couple of hours before the two-hour final show, but those last two hours are where most of the excitement and resolution is going to occur."

To read the full interview, in which Berman also talks about the next Star Trek series, please click here. Thanks go out to Cinescape for this!

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