News Bullets

By Christian
March 16, 2000 - 11:26 PM

  • The official Star Trek Continuum has put up a list of dates for upcoming releases from Paramount Home Video. These include two new Original Series DVDs, the 'The Search For Spock' DVD, the first Voyager VHS tapes and several new DS9 tapes.

  • According to a news report by Reuters, William Shatner plans to sell $3.15 million worth of shares. The 35,000 shares he'll be selling were part of a total of 125,000 shares he received in exchange for appearing as the company's official spokesperson. Thanks go out to Elaine Butler for this!

  • Over at the official 'Star Trek: Armada' web site, they've put up a new screenshot of the week, showing Starfleet deploying its super weapon, the Temporal Stasis Field.

  • Over at Sev Trek, they've launched a new poll where you can vote on your favourite sticker designs for a set of upcoming stickers from the Trek parody cartoon. In other Sev news, the Sev Trek Movie is still in need of impersonators for the voices of Doctor Crusher and Counsellor Troi.

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