'Good Shepherd' Episode Reviews

By Christian
March 16, 2000 - 10:43 PM

Michael Marek, regular Star Trek contributor at Cinescpae, has put up his review of 'Good Shepherd', yesterday's new Voyager episode. Here's how he starts his review:

This Voyager episode, featuring a look at the lives of three of Voyager's lowest ranking crewmembers, is a delightful story, not so much because of the details of the actual plot, but because of the nicely-crafted characters and the interplay between them.

You can find Marek's full review, in which he is rather positive about the episode, by going to Cinescape.

In addition, Kenneth Silber at Space Imagined has also put up his review of the episode, as usual featuring a short synopsis, memorable quotes, a 'reality check' and a short analysis:

"Good Shepherd" is an enjoyable episode, built upon the plausible premise that job satisfaction aboard Voyager is less than universal. Because our attention in most episodes is focused on a handful of senior-level decision-makers, it is good to be reminded that there are many other people aboard the ship, including some who may be displeased at the status of their lives and careers.

More on the episode can be found in the full review.

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